Friday, June 21, 2013

Life Lessons with Sirius.

Three months ago, Sam and I brought this cute little guy home from the local animal shelter home. Aside from being generally great and entertaining, Sirius has also taught us a few things.

1) A comfortable bed makes all the difference. 

Seriously (no pun intended), have you ever seen a more comfortable dog? We took him from the shelter, where he just had concrete and a towel to sleep on for the most part, and brought him home to this kingly dog bed. He basically just slept for two days.

2) But never settle, if an upgrade is available.

No matter how much he loves his dog bed, he loves my pillows and memory foam mattress more. 

3) Spend time just doing what you love.

For Sirius, it's hanging out in the sun room on his ottoman (aka. dog throne) watching the birds and squirrels in our yard.

4) And remember, always plan adequate snuggle time into your day.

It's the most important.