Monday, January 7, 2013

Say hello, Rjjr!

As some of you may know, it's my life ambition to have a big, cuddly dog or three in my life at some point. However, I live in a little duplex that does not allow any such pets, and I probably couldn't afford the dog food, even if our landlord allowed them. So instead, we got Rjjr, a lovely little black and white rat. Actually, he's sitting on my lap right now, happily chewing a button on my sweater. He's no dog, but he's fairly cuddly and requires way less maintenance, except daily exercise.

Exercise, you ask? Doesn't he have a wheel? Yes, he does. He also has a clear plastic exercise ball. Unfortunately, he's pretty dumb even as far as rodents go, so he doesn't know how to use either device. (We tried to teach him a few times. No luck so far.) So I have to take him out and let him run around for awhile everyday. Good thing he's lovable.

He was getting a little antsy today,  so I let the little guy take a few pictures.

What a photogenic rat.

Also, this post marks the second week day in a row in which I have showered, cleaned, replied to my emails, taken pictures, and written something. Now if I can only finish my headband before I go to work!

Eh, well see. We're winners anyway!


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