Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I Like About Not-Quite-Spring.

If you have ever spent more than an hour with me and/or you have ever read this blog, you probably know that I like categories, and I really, really like lists. Readings lists, to do lists, lists of synonyms, lists of favorites, lists of my favorite things to do, etc. I could go on.

Anyway, today, I was going to make a list about the many, many things I love about spring, since it's almost here. But since it is still cold and gross outside, I thought pining for spring would be a little depressing. Also, as a person notorious for looking for clues in the past and planning elaborate things for my future, I should probably spend a little time just appreciating today, including the current weather.

It's a little tricky, because it isn't bitterly cold anymore (not that it really ever was in Carbondale), but it isn't exactly pleasant either. It's windy, and it rains about once a day, and I feel like I haven't seen the sun in weeks. But this is a list of the things I like about the current weather situation, so I'll stop complaining and get to it already.

Things I Like About Not-Quite-Spring

1. I can still wear all of my cozy winter scarves. This is a big deal because I have a very cozy blue infinity scarf that I probably wear three times a week because I love it so much. Actually, this is a picture of me wearing it this morning because my house is cold, and we never turn on the heat.

(That's my "I-would-look-more-excited-but-my-house-is-cold-and-it's-morning" face. Right, not complaining. Anyway.)

2. No allergies yet! Hurray! I have terrible seasonal allergies triggered by all kinds of pretty stuff that grows during the spring. So, no flowers yet, but at least I can still breathe!

3. It's chilly enough that I can wrap up in a big cozy blanket anytime of day for no reason and just contemplate life. I can contemplate life anytime of course, but the cozy blanket is definitely overkill during the summer.

4. Still cold enough for hot chocolate, which is officially out-of-date when the song birds start showing up again.

5. Boots of all kinds are fair game, but it's pleasant enough outside that I can wear my nice boots without fear of ruining them.

6. It's still chilly and grayish, but it's finally March and spring is right around the corner!!!!

Alright, that's the best I can do. Maybe it's not the best time of year, but I suppose it's not the worst. I even saw the sun for a little bit today! Now if it would just warm up enough so I can wear a sun dress....

Til next time, kids.


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I like number four. One of the best things about winter!

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